Brian's Adventures

A mischievous RPG that had been casted by many Thais youtubers, with total views of over millions!!!

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A game that full of mischievous and irritating moments!

The new twisted on an RPG genre! A funny game that had been casted by many Thais youtubers. Don't try to reason with anything that has happened in this kind of game!

Praise for the game

Let's take a look on people who have played this game


"I used to be a close friend with the game developer, but he's stranger to me now."

Michael Uncle

"After I played this game, I want to throw my keyboard away!"


"It makes me afraid to explore anything."


"Brian does really live up to his meme here."


This game is still under development*

The game you play is just a DEMO Version. The story is just a 1/10 of the full game.

When you finished the DEMO, there will be a congratulations message and a gameplay statistics. If you don't receieve these 2 things, you still haven't finish the game.

Common bugs

  • If your game can't be installed or played, click here
  • If you received an error message when opening the game, restart your computer and try again.
  • If you received a "game over" message and couldn't continue to play, try to go back to the main manu and select "Continue Game". In some rare case, the save file might accidentally disappear. If that happened, we're sorry to say that you have to start over.
  • The game might crash and close itself. But don't worry, it rarely happen.

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